Monday, January 18, 2021

Lost Boy

 This was inspired by a video of rioters in D. C. Chanting “Emperor Trump! Emperor Trump!” along with that other hit from the riot “Hang-Mike-Pence Hang-Mike-Pence” I began to wonder, for the thousandth time, what in holy Hell were these people thinking? I roughed in some of the obvious mindfuckery responsible, and then got the kicker for the last panel out of thin air.


Friday, January 8, 2021

Sensitive Type

This is an idea that has been festering for awhile in my head. I saw a crowd of anti-maskers in a photo and thought I’ll bet every one of them put on deodorant before they left the house for the protest. (Okay, maybe not everyone, but I’d wager a solid majority.) I wasn’t sure how to translate that into a cartoon, when suddenly, I was. The rest was just drawing. Here it is...


We Now Return You to Your Regularly Scheduled Outrage


 Can I have an outrageous? How about an icky? Sure this is a disgusting image. It has to be to register the offensiveness of Trump’s pardoning of the likes of Roger Stone and Paul Manafort. Not to mention various war criminals, errant politicians and other assorted criminals. Law and order, anyone? Anyone?...


Hollow Victory

It’s hard not to make cartoons right now as politics breaks through to new lows. The irony of the GOP, the party of Lincoln, founded to save the Union evolving into the party of Trump and Cruz, bent on undermining and overthrowing the government “of the people, by the people and for the people” is majestic in its awfulness. Trump will soon become an outsider, reduced in his power, and distracted by his efforts to keep out of jail. But the hollowed-out, zombie Republican Party of Trump will continue to rot on the mall in DC, off-gassing noxious fumes.


Who WERE Those Unmasked Men?


The inspiration for this drawing has three strands. The first is revulsion at the Capitol riot. The second, deep annoyance at the ludicrous assertion by Sean Hannity and others the mob of Trump faithful that forced its way into the capitol was actually an Antifa false flag operation. The third was a thread in my Twitter feed by a number of gay men remarking on the hotness of the Qanon Shaman.  Mix all three, shake well, and bingo! There’s your cartoon.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Nights at the Husky, Chapter Three, Rhyme Scheme (Updated 10/24/2020

The continuing true story of a fictitious Anchorage bar. looking for chapter four? look no further than here chapter two? it's right here  Chapter one can be found here


Chapter four continued here