Thursday, June 29, 2017

Awaiting Armageddon: Growing Up In Alaska During the Cold War

This piece  originally appeared in Matt Bors' site  "The Nib" which is devoted to  opinion comics and comics journalism. Thanks to Matt for publishing it, and to Andy Warner for editing.



  1. Fine stuff, Peter. And to think — I got to visit that place about 15 years ago, before they started offering tours for a fee. I was told that "Site Summit" was the best preserved Nike site in the country and that it would make a fine Cold War museum. But it would take a lot of money, and the Army was not up to that, and sugar daddies were too few. Not sure where things stand now, but the structures on that mountain won't be standing for much longer!

  2. You posted this strip on June 29. I posted a comment on July 3. On July 4 we all learned that N. Korea can (theoretically) launch a missile that could reach Alaska. ¶ What I want to know now is ... What did you know and when did you know it?