Tuesday, September 5, 2017

"SCATTERLINGS" New Design Available in My Store,

New design in my Redbubble store, inspired by the wonderful Johnny Clegg. A cheerful reminder race is only a social construct devised by humans, not by nature. We are all descended from a common ancestor who lived in Africa. We have since scattered across the globe, but genetically we are all related. To judge one another by skin color, eye shape or hair texture, while fashionable in some misguided circles, is idiotic, unfair, and leads to something we will all regret if allowed to fester. This design celebrates the place of everyone in the human family. This design is available on shirts, as stickers and more  here

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Awaiting Armageddon: Growing Up In Alaska During the Cold War

This piece  originally appeared in Matt Bors' site  "The Nib" which is devoted to  opinion comics and comics journalism. Thanks to Matt for publishing it, and to Andy Warner for editing.


Monday, April 24, 2017

No More Pussy Gra... er... Pussyfooting, the Trumpworld Card Deck is Available Now

It's here, hot off my drawing pad! All the laughter, all the lies, for winning hands of any size! In full glorious Trump-o-vision (shades of white and orange.) Order now while Steve Bannon is still part of the inner circle! Incisive caricatures of the unforgettable faces of Trumplonia as seen on cable and in the fake news media adorn each and every face card! You'll get...

                                                        Not one, But TWO Trumps!

                                                Steve Bannon as the King of Diamonds

                                                       Betsy DeVos as Queen of Spades

                                                          Queen Kellyanne Conway

                                                     Newt Gingrich as the Jack of Hearts

                                                        Ivanka Trump, Queen of Spades

                                                  Jack of Spades, Jared Kushner                                                     

                                                        Jack of Diamonds Vladimir Putin

                                                            Ayn Rand, Queen of Hearts

                                                          John Roberts, King of Spades

                                                           Paul Ryan, King of Hearts

                                             ...And Sean Spicer as Jack of (Press) Clubs!

Plus all the other cards in a standard deck. Guaranteed to give you hours of pleasure playing Liar's Poker, Slapjack and War. Order yours here!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Nuking Alaska, A Comic about Alaska During the Cold War

Growing up in Alaska in the 60's and 70's put you on the front lines of the Cold War. We learned to overlook the fact that nuclear annihilation was a real possibility, living and playing in the shadow of the implements of mass  destruction. What was that like? Kind of like this. Thanks to The Nib for publishing this piece of comics journalism.