Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Walt Whitman Moment (READER CAUTION: The post below contains naked self-promotion.)

Walt Whitman "Celebrated and sang" himself. I'd like to do that as well. However, I am dumbfounded by the news that Frozen Grin's sister blog "Off and On: The Alaska Parkinson's Rag" was awarded second place for blogs in the 2008 Alaska Press Club Contest. So I'll just step aside and let the judges have their say...

"Peter Dunlap-Shohl's Alaska Parkinson's Rag is many things: a community resource, a humor column, a science and medicine explainer. But it's also something that few blogs ever manage to be: addictive and gripping. Everything seems to work just right on this blog, and it is a powerful testament to what a person can achieve in this medium. Dunlap-Shohl's cartoons act not only as illustration, but an expansion of his message, especially in examples such as The Adventures of Flash Molasses. The vivid original artwork could just as easily hang in a gallery as illustrate Dunlap-Shohl's writing. This blog should be required reading for anyone whose life has been touched by, or is simply curious about, Parkinson's disease. He tackles a tough subject with energy, wit,
and grace."

Thanks to the judges at the Knight Digital Media Center for their kind words, and to the People at the Press Club for making this possible. And congratulations to all the other winners, including my band mate, Roy Corral, who pulled down at least two frsts for his photos.

If you're curious, the latest "Flash Molasses" has just been posted here.

Oh, and while we're at it, cartoons I did while at the ADN took first in the Editorial Cartooning category.

Naked self-promotion mode OFF.


  1. Thank you, Tony. Onward through the fog!

  2. Congratulations, Peter! Everything the judges said about your work is true, and is a reflection of the blog's creator. Please keep on inspiring us all!

    - Ted

    PS And put some clothes on...

  3. Great advice Ted. Since I'm now a blogger how about I throw on some PJs?

  4. Your swimsuit would be fine, or the PJs - whichever makes you more comfortable. -T

  5. Actually, now I'm thinking silk smoking jacket with the pj's

  6. Pete, congratulations on yet more long-due recognition. I'm certain there's more to come!