Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sneak Peek

Just to keep things off balance, I did something I haven't done before. I wrote and illustrated a children's book. This is the final illustration of maybe 18, each in full color. Next stop, looking for a publisher. I'll keep you up on developments, if any, by posting them here on Frozen Grin.


  1. Can't wait to see it! I've got a test audience in house if you need one ;)

  2. This drawing looks very different from what you usually post, cf. "Hellhound" for example. I suppose that's driven by the need to appeal to the people who might buy (or publish) the book in the first place.

    How many distinct drawing styles do you consciously work in / choose from?

    PS Any helpful feedback from your book-publisher-connected brother in New York?

  3. Thanks, Stephen. Maybe you know the answer to this question: Do children even read books anymore? (I know, I know, should've found out the answer to this BEFORE doing the work.)

    Anonymous, yes it is a case of adaptation, to some extent. I've always been restless where style is concerned. One of the big problems for me on this project was sticking to a consistent way of rendering images. When I reached the end of the first draft, the look had changed so much, I was forced to redo half the drawings!

    I am hoping for some advice from my bro, but I know this is not his genre,

  4. Try Pelican Publishing out of Louisiana. They like children s books with a strong sense of place. Send a query first to:

    Editorial Department
    Pelican Publishing
    1000 Burmaster St.
    Gretna, La. 70053

    Good Luck
    Chuck Legge

  5. Pete- Yes they do read books. Excitedly as ever. Mara's 6 year old niece came home yesterday with 3 books from the Scholastic Book order and was as excited as we used to be to read and have them read to her.
    Your book should be published. It's fantastic.
    -D L Landry

  6. Scholastic Books, I haven't thought of them for years! I remember getting a disbelieving comment from one of the adults who coordinated book orders when I ordered "The War Prayer" by Mark Twain when I was a fifth or sixth grader.

    More evidence that I'm congenital liberal.