Monday, November 21, 2011

Still Another Advance Look at the Parkinson's Comic Manuscript

I'll be happy to take a few questions now. Yes ma'am? Yes, you in the funny hat... What the hell is this a picture of? It's an imagined dream to go with a bit about how people with Parkinson's Disease are different from healthy people in in how their bodies respond to dreams. Illustrating dreams are a wonderful opportunity to let your imagination have freedom to create something fun to draw and, I hope, to look at.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Triptych, London 1981

Three portraits and a reminiscence mostly drawn on the iPad, collaged in Photoshop while watching/ignoring TV

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Yet More Tributes Buried in "Mixed Cursing " Manuscript

What can I say? I owe so much to so many. It's payback time. In this case it's R. Crumb, and Monty Python. Yes, I'm afraid Mr. Natural isn't boogieing, he's merely dyskinetic. And the Ministry of Silly Walks? Same story. So much to explain, so little time!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Screen Times and Locations for My Six (Close) Brushes With Death

The Grim Reaper will stalk the Anchorage International Film Festival so relentlessly that Tony Sheppard is considering going to court for a TRO. That's right, the ANCFF plans SIX, count them SIX screenings of the harrowing autobiographical film about how I almost had no biography to auto. There is a festival-generated Schedule here or you could just look at the table below: 3:15 Saturday, Dec 3, Out North Main Theater My Six (Known) Brushes With Death Peter Dunlap-Shohl 2010 Categories: Animation, Snowdance Run time: 7 min. | USA/AK The shocking true story of a young man's fragile existence. Starting at a very young age our hero faces death and hair-raising danger time and again. 12:00 PM Sun, Dec 04 Alaska Experience Theater - Large Theater As part of the Animation World-Wide program 7:00 PM Tue, Dec 06 Alaska Out North Theatre - Gallery As part of the Animation World-Wide program 8:15 PM Thu, Dec 08 Out North Theatre - Main gallery As part of Snowdance Mixed Shorts 1 7:20 PM Fri, Dec 09 Alaska Experience Theater - Large Theater As part of the Animation worldwide program 6:00 PM Sat, Dec 10 Out North Theatre - Gallery As part of the Animation World-Wide program I will try to get to as many of the showings as possible, to answer questions and to prove I'm still alive in spite of everything.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Flaming Marshmallows of Doom to Grace Anchorage International Film Festival

Once again, the gimlet-eyed judges of the Anchorage International Film Festival have suffered an inexplicable lapse of, well, judgement. That's right, they have picked another of my micro-epic blockbuster Studio Jupiter animated shorts (Studio Jupiter motto- We may waste your time, but not much of it.) as a selection for this year's festival. It's not clear if they actually like the work or fear some sort of dreadful reprisal from me if they don't take one of my offerings. Either way, I'm flattered. I haven't had word yet on when or where it screens in town. but you can see the whole thing right here. Warning: contains scenes of graphic violence that frankly, I find disturbing, especially as they happened to me.