Friday, November 4, 2011

Flaming Marshmallows of Doom to Grace Anchorage International Film Festival

Once again, the gimlet-eyed judges of the Anchorage International Film Festival have suffered an inexplicable lapse of, well, judgement. That's right, they have picked another of my micro-epic blockbuster Studio Jupiter animated shorts (Studio Jupiter motto- We may waste your time, but not much of it.) as a selection for this year's festival. It's not clear if they actually like the work or fear some sort of dreadful reprisal from me if they don't take one of my offerings. Either way, I'm flattered. I haven't had word yet on when or where it screens in town. but you can see the whole thing right here. Warning: contains scenes of graphic violence that frankly, I find disturbing, especially as they happened to me.


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  2. Fantastic work, Peter. I love your animation, the use of letters, music and sounds. The clack of the skull got me nervous...

  3. Tomas, glad that you liked it. Your feedback makes me feel like I'm on the right track.