Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pete's Pantheon: The Late Rory Gallagher, circa 1977

Some things you never forget. The needle drops onto your brand new copy of Sinner and Saint and practically explodes as Rory's vibrato snakes its way from a deep black groove. You exchange a glance with your brother and you both think "This guy came to play." Whether he was picking a Leadbelly tune on his acoustic guitar or backing up Albert King at Montreux, Rory gave it all, every time. And could he slide? Glad you asked. Yes. If you wondered whether he was real all you had to do was look at his bruised, scarred, beautiful Strat. The finish was played right off it. Chicago to Cork, Cork to Anchorage.

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  1. Greetings, it was both amusing and gratifying to see my brother so fondly remembered - art providing art.

    When your link came through to me, ironically, I was thumbing through Rory's diary for early '75, noting that following four nights he had recorded with the Stones (to replace Mick Taylor), in Rotterdam, Holland, he had returned into Heathrow Airport, London, where I met my brother and we flew on to Anchorage, on route to a Japanese tour.

    With Rory's birthday occurring on the 2nd March, for the occasion, I was preparing a talk I will give back in Cork City, on his 'Irish Tour '74', film documentary.


  2. Hello Dónal, Cork and Anchorage are not so far apart if you go over the pole (As The Crow Flies) We read much of our own meaning into music, but you can't miss the discipline, craftsmanship and joy in your brother's playing. Thanks for helping to keep his music in front of an audience.



  3. Donal, its time to write Rory's biography!!!

  4. Donal, whatever happened to the recordings Rory made with the Stones. I would imagine, interesting stuff. Quite a story there I'm sure.
    I saw Rory play live once which is more than many can say, but still not enough.
    Don S.

  5. Hello Dónal, our forum Loose Talk has the special topic about Rory in Rolling Stones. Which one of the tracks belongs to Rory's hand?
    Which one you're might to remember?