Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pete's Pantheon: Richard Thompson, Incandescence in the Dark

Is there anyone out there who can match Richard Thompson stride for stride as a guitarist, singer and songwriter? Neil? Bruce? Tom?... anyone? Richard seems to have been issued a guitar with notes on it that others can't find or are afraid to play. His bends in the studio version of "Calvary Cross" open holes in reality through which you glimpse an abyss. And he's only deepened as a player since then (compare the playing on his score to Herzog's "Grizzly Man" to his younger but still amazing take on the same material on his "Strict Tempo" recording.) As a prolific songwriter he has created a coherent body of work that ranges from the timeless longing of "Dimming of the Day" the poignant specificity of "Al Bowlly's in Heaven" and the reckless high spirits of "1952 Vincent Black Lightning" Many find his singing an aquired taste. I suggest you acquire it.
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