Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Choose Your Weapon

Busker's Nightmare

Here's a personal project, a chance to draw some of the greats of the guitar, some well-known, some relatively obscure, (Any Sister Rosetta Tharpe fans out there?) This is a mix of a few personal faves (Richard Thompson, Gatemouth Brown) and some of the inevitable big names (Clapton, Jeff Beck, Frank Zappa) relegated here to mostly supporting roles.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

6 Minutes, 6 Narrow Escapes

Here's a trailer for my second short for Litsite. It's the true story of my six known narrow escapes from death. (Note: These do not include innumerable bike trips through Anchorage traffic) We're in post production now, I hope to deliver it to Litsite soon!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Blast From the Future (that takes place in the past)

Here is an exclusive glimpse from a forthcoming project, much of which is set in the 60's and 70's. (The guy on the far right? Abbie Hoffman. Unintentional humor.)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Taken Out by the Garbage

Bears are called "charismatic megafauna", big impressive animals people will come thousands of miles to see. But like many other celebrities they have a dark side. Most are reclusive shy types that just want, like Garbo, to be alone. Unfortunately some lose their natural fear of people and become addicted to human treats, like garbage. These animals are like big furry John Belushis with claws and a habit to feed. They invariably end up being shot when found raiding someone's chicken coop or, pathetically, eating someone's garbage. Like any celebrity who comes to a bad end, they will wind up on the front page, an embarrassment to their friends and family and an object lesson to the rest of us: Friends don't let friends eat garbage.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's Offical: First Helldometer puts us 225 miles from Hell, Does Not Result in Action From the Carter Center

With 21 voters participating we have a clear sense that participants think things are indeed going to Hell, with 52% putting Hell an uncomfortable day's drive away at 225 miles and 4% at merely a mile off. Still a substantial minority saw things in a more optimistic light with 4% putting us 999 miles away, and 38% gave us a somewhat cheery 500 miles out, close enough to smell the brimstone but plenty of maneuvering room to change course.

This sample of opinion is totally unscientific with a self-selected survey population. It has big built-in flaws as well. For instance if you really believed we were a mile out from Hell, would you be farting around on the Web, or buying up all the bottled water, Spam and ammo you could find at the local big box? This means we probably missed a number of those who were too busy preparing for Armageddon to be bothered with our poll, no matter how important it seems to us. This of course skewed our sample a little toward the more optimistic side. Another objection is that the poll is too limited in offering only four possible responses. One disappointed reader refused to participate after finding 666 was not among the possible choices. We will attempt to address this in the next poll.

Thanks to all who participated despite the obvious flaws. Thanks also to the Carter Center for not sending Jimmy Carter in to clean our voting process up. We view this as validation of our recent election, flawed as it admittedly is. If it's good enough to pass muster at the Carter Center, it's good enough for us. We are not perfect but the staff here at Frozen Grin hopes that over time a picture of the popular sense will emerge as we re-sample opinion on this question.