Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cartoonist To Reveal Mystery of Creation

The reclusive cartoonist Peter Dunlap-Shohl, who goes only by his first and last name, will emerge blinking into the light for a rare public appearance during which he will reveal the secrets of his creative mojo.

His hordes of wild, debauched, and frankly, non-existent followers, the so-called ""Petefreaks"" are not expected to attend. And as usual he will not conclude his act by singing "God Save the Queen" and then biting the head off a live oyster, as oysters do not have heads, and furthermore Peter does not eat them anyway.

Surprise guests will include former Governor Frank Murkowski, and present Governor Sarah Palin, neither of whom has plans to attend but will be there nevertheless in digital incarnations. Surprise guys!

This will be a tough show to get tickets for, even if you are early, because it's a brown bag, and since when do brown bags have tickets?

That's 1:00 the 18th at UAA's Beatrice McDonald Hall room 211.

More hype can be found here.

And remember, there is ample parking. In midtown.


  1. Thank you for coming out of seclusion to make this appearance- without the blurb in the UAA daily e-mail I never would have found your blog, and I have been missing your work a great deal. Alaskan public affairs are only going to get weirder and we need your viewpoint.

  2. Wev Shea said:

    Peter, I agree totally with Margie. Great to find this site.
    You are simply the best at defining the political climate.

  3. Thanks folks. Glad you find value here. I'll try to keep it worth your while.