Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fear is Amphibious

Those of us who grew up in Anchorage were forced to take a different sort of "long view". Everything that was important or exciting seemed to be occurring at a great distance. We had to squint to see it.

For instance? We were so remote, we couldn't even get attacked by monsters.

Godzilla took on Tokyo, not Muldoon. King Kong climbed the Empire State Building, never even considering our flagship building, the Captain Cook Hotel. And it tells you something that our flagship building was named for a foreigner who came long ago and left after a short visit. Our little outpost was just too small and distant to rate. OK, Nixon changed planes here a few times, but casualties were negligible.

So I was compelled to fall back on my own devices. And thus was born the Lake Hood Monster. One more reason to avoid small planes... fear is amphibious!

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