Monday, April 6, 2009

A work in Progress, UPDATED April 7)

Here is what we auteurs refer to as a "Snippet" (prononuced sni-PAY) of a new project I am very excited about. It's a look at the 1964 Alaska Earthquake through a child's eyes, mine to be exact. We lived in the hard-hit Turnagain area at the time. This takes us up to the moment when the quake struck, which my brother Dave and I treated like a surprise romp on a magic trampoline. Clueless. What can I say? I was five.

Copyright 2009 Peter Dunlap-Shohl


  1. Wow! I wasn't born yet (later that year) & didn't live here... but I'm fascinated w/the stories. The idea of a couple kids jumping up and seeing where they land. What an image!

  2. Pete, I LOVE how this is coming along! It's gripping! Terrifying! Accurate!