Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This week's special


  1. A sad day for Anchorage. Thanks for drawing this. May I post it on Bent Alaska?

  2. Sad and embarrassing. Yes, please post to Bent Alaska.



  3. Our community publication, Identity Northview, printed (with permission fron the ADN) in a December, 1992 special edition, re the campaign to add sexual orientation to the Muni Equal rights Charter, a cartoon of yours on the cover.

    It shows on the left in a box, a person with the caption: This preson wants=
    A chance to work.
    A place to live
    and a little privacy.

    On the right:
    (a person with a sign with 'GAY RIGHTS' within a circle with a diagonal)
    This person wants=
    To perpetuate bigotry
    to impose his religious views on others
    and to undermine the right to privacy.

    Below it:
    Which is demanding special priveleges?

    Dunlap-Shohl C.1992.

    Thanks for keeping up the work,

    Stef Gingrich.

  4. Stef, Wow, your memory is better than mine! I keep returning to the "Special Rights" theme because it is so galling and cynical. My blood pressure is going up right now just thinking of it.

    Thanks for posting,