Sunday, September 20, 2009

Latest Project: 1 of 5 pages from Sarah Hurst's graphic novel of Alaska history

Just finished my part of this inspired idea from Sarah Hurst. Sarah had the notion of turning a play she wrote about Alaska history into a graphic novel. Then, with focus and energy that I can only wonder at, she went out and came up with an Alaska Humanities Forum grant to actually pay a host of contributing artists for their work. Among the other artists involved: Lee Post and (last time I checked) Duke Russell.

Thanks to Sarah and the Rasmuson Foundation for this chance to try something new!


  1. It is an inspired idea. This page suggests a "graphic history" rather than novel. Is there a narrative line, or mainly chrono?

  2. Sorry, that term "graphic novel" is misleading, the same confusion got Art Spiegelman's "Maus" on the NYT fiction bestseller list, when it was nonfiction, a memoir. "Graphic History" is better There is narration provided by Benny Benson, who explains developments to a girl named Abigail.