Friday, August 6, 2010

A Native Lad Book Release at Boscoe's

It is with horror that I realize I have been remiss in my duties as relentless self-promoter in failing to post the following:

STEP RIGHT UP!...YOU! The gentleman in your pajamas with the two-day growth of beard, and YOU!... madam, YES... YOU with the lipstick on your teeth... The All-NEW, ALL-OLD, bareknuckle, blockbuster, boom'n'bust roller coaster graphic novel A NATIVE LAD, a history of our fair state celebrates its DEBUT with a signing party at the fabulous BOSCO'S Dimond location! That's right, on SATURDAY the 14th of August, author SARAH HURST and many of the illustrators behind this exciting collaboration will DANGLE FROM TENTERHOOKS, SHOOT OFF THEIR MOUTHS and most important SELL YOU THEIR BABY, Which they will be happy to sign in their own hand. That's BOSCO'S at Dimond, 1:00-3:3o Aug. 14. Thank you.

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