Thursday, September 2, 2010

Merge Far Right


  1. Good one... great contrast.
    I know of at least one other cartoonist who voted for him out of vested interest in job security, as in guaranteeing great political material.
    But given how well that worked out LAST time with a neverending hangover courtesy of the Quitter, here’s hoping progress will trump in November.

    Besides, McAdams will be fun to draw anyways…

  2. Jaime, we have never been short of bozos in Alaska. I never worry about a lack of material. People used to ask me what I was going to do ewhen Frank got booted, and as you point out we didn't have much time for nostalgia before we were drowned in new material. I just wish all this anti-incumbent feeling we are constantly beige told about could find it's obvious target: The Fort Yukon Foghorn, Don Young.