Monday, November 22, 2010

Operation Overexposure

We seem to be having a holiday special clearance on the Peter D-S collection. Dec. 3 is the Opening for the show of art from the blockbuster Graphic Novel "A Native Lad, Benny Benson tells Alaska's Story. We'll have art from Lee Post, Evon Zerbetz, Lance Lekander, Duke Russell and more. I have multiple pieces to contribute. This show will hang at The International Gallery of Contemporary Art 427 D St. Dec, 4 Whiskey Jacks the band that I play mandolin and dobro for will play The Muckraker's Ball at the Snow Goose, from 7:00 'til 11:00. As if that weren't enough, the Anchorage Film Festival will screen my animated remembrance of the Great Alaska Earthquake, "Oblivion 1964" at Out North at 7:30. That about exhausts the subject, as well as your faithful correspondent. And then the holiday insanity starts in earnest.

Peace and balance,


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