Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Burst of Optimism: For the First Time, Helldometer says things are going FROM Hell

Here's some good news, or at least some good opinion. For the first time, the editors of Frozen Grin have moved the mileage of the Helldometer up, from 1 mile away to 333 miles to Hell. The editors were responding to the vote of you, the incredibly informed public. Our massive 12 vote sample reflected a convincing trend away from the notion that we are soon to be roasting like bipedal oxen on some satanic spit while lesser demons rub jerk spices in our wounds.

Not only did half the voters pick the new number of 333 miles to hell, a surprising 8% put us at 666 miles out. OK so that was one person, is it my fault the world at large is so apathetic about the burning questions of our day?

Even more interesting, a solid 25% responded "Hell if I know" indicating an impressive amount of "dithering" among normally confident Frozen Grin readers. Or at least, among three of you.

This poll was, sadly, taken right before all Hell broke loose in Egypt, so savor the moment. Meanwhile, it looks like it may be time to vote again.

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