Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Animation Page

Here are my favorite animations created for Frozen Grin. I came to animation late and am self-taught on Flash. I'm no Miyazaki, but there is something fabulous in a Frankensteinly way, about watching your drawings take on motion and sound.

Losing Laika
This is an early piece, Flash was giving me fits and bombing my little Imac. But I still like the story.

Susitna Story
From 2009, This story was written for We Alaskans Magazine in the eighties as an experiment with the comics form. It works much better as an animation, narrated by my pal Frank Gerjevic.

Oblivion 1964
A look back at the Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964, seen through the eyes of a five-year-old me

Frozen Shorts
A collection of tragically brief videos that was runner-up for a Golden Oosik at the Anchorage International Film Festival two years ago. Damn you, Mary Katzke!

What it's like Having Parkinson's Disease
Big fat omnibus of shorts explaining what Parkinson's is like.

Parkinson's Disease and Exercise

My Six (Known) Brushes With Death


  1. I've just seen "What it's like Having Parkinson's Disease". Great work, Peter.

  2. Many thanks, Tomás. How is your website coming? Finished yet?

  3. I have the domain registered and I hope complete the web into a few days. I'm just drawing a caricature of Benedict XVI, now coming to Spain. I'll show you when I finish it. Regards.