Friday, August 12, 2011

Mama, Trucks, Drinkin', Prison...and Zombies!

For some reason, there is a severe shortage of Country songs that feature zombies. A powerful tradition of ignoring the undead stretches all the way from from Hank Williams to Willy Nelson. Whether this is denial, bias or plain old ignorance is, let's face it, too trivial for critics and scholars to say. And the zombie just goes on being neglected by Nashvile, er..Nashville. Looks like it's up to me....
(Click individual pages to enlarge them.)


  1. Great illustrations in this comic (the first and the second ones are my favorites). You have a wonderful style, amigo.

  2. Hi Tomás,

    Thanks. I reworked that first drawing so much I couldn't tell if it had any redeeming merit. But on your say so, I will spare its life.

    Zombies seem to be competing over here with vampires as the ghoul du jour. I think it may have something to do with the way a polarized population sees the other side of the political spectrum. Or not.

    Are there zombies in Spain, and have you drawn any?

  3. Ha, ha... Yes, we have. In fact, the president Zapatero is a zombie... I drawn him

  4. OK Tomas, Your drawing convinced me. I won't be trying to hide out from zombies in Spain. Thanks for the warning!