Sunday, October 2, 2011

Souvenirs of a recent trip

A recent road trip through some of the most spectacular country in the South 48 yielded the following drawings rendered on the iPad while Pam drove.

And if you are craving a glimpse of what the view was like from the passenger seat...


  1. I like specially the view from your copilote seat. I'd like to see the whole truck.

  2. Thanks Tomas.Next time I'm out, I'll go for the entire truck. What are you drawing lately?

  3. I´ve drawn a black idea about Jobs these days (you can see at my facebook page) and now I'm on an animated short for the Christmast cards' Architecs Association contest, about the difficcult period for the colleages now... I'd like to do it with Flash like yours, but I don't rule it yet.