Sunday, January 19, 2014

Overlooked Alaska History: The Flattop Spaceport

Overlooked Alaska History: Archaeologists and geologists have long marveled at the nearly perfectly level summit of Flattop Mountain. Its startling contrast to the pointy peaks of the rest of the Chugach Range has led many to wonder "WTF, Flattop?" Now an interdisciplinary team of crack academics from UAA thinks it has found the explanation. After an exhaustive study of the area they have concluded it was leveled in 1300 A.D. by a technology so advanced that it could only have been extra-terrestrial. Furthermore, artifacts recovered in an extensive dig reveal evidence of many different technologically advanced cultures mingled in the ruins of what appears to have been an active space port and trading center. Interestingly, there are many items from across the Arctic as well, indicating trade with Northern peoples was part of the attraction to our off-planet visitors. Mysteriously all activity seems to have halted abruptly in 1390, according to carbon dating of the site, which quickly deteriorated in the harsh environment. Such an distinct and drastic halt points to either a great cultural upheaval or a tragically short attention span, according to the team.

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