Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pete's Upcoming Show at Snow City: Tecno-Primitive, Digital art of Peter Dunlap-Shohl

 Heads up, friends, Suddenly I'm having another show of my artwork. The venue will be Snow City Cafe, under the auspices of blue.hollomon gallery. Opening will be First Friday, Jan. 2 from 5:30 -  8:00 p.m. Here is my Artist's Statement

" I entered the world of digital art with a chip on my shoulder. The usual look for digital work is one of chilly perfection, as if untouched by human hands. My mission became creating work that hid neither its cyber nor human elements. Along the way I discovered the liberating aspects of the computer, the ability to take risks, experiment with color and to work with type and other design elements to create new ways to tell stories. The results are like the series "Posters from Cancelled Performances at the Brazen Husky", a fictitious Spenard Bar plagued by a series of cancellations of shows by everyone from Madam Pavlova's Canine Acrobats to Charlie Cactus, alcoholic Country Music legend who was simply "too good" to play Spenard. Together the nine posters tell a story of a struggling tavern, those who run it, and the performers that (almost) pass across its stage. The images are created on my iPad and my desk-top computer with Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop,  sometimes a combination of the two.  All the works are printed with Archival materials on acid-free paper. I hope viewers will find them fun and thought provoking." I hope you'll come down and see! Attendance will be taken :~)