Sunday, December 6, 2015

Existential Pancake


  1. Peter: Sincere congratulations on your book release from your old Sand Lake Elementary and Dimond High classmate Bill (BIlly) Lindow in Cordova! I have already suggested it to my book club. We have already read two graphic novels; Maus, and Can't We think of Something More Pleasant. Sad to report I never looked at your blog until today. I am not much for blogs and social media (yet). The blog looks great. Enjoyed your post about Rory Gallagher, an old favorite of mine. Laundromat!
    Again, congrats and take care.

  2. Bill, great to hear from you! I think one of my first clues that the world isn't fair was you getting robbed in the Spelling Bee in third or fourth grade. You correctly spelling "Colonel" when they wanted you to spell "kernel." Bastards. Thanks for the kind words, I hope your book group gets a lively discussion out of my book should they choose to read it. (Although "Maus" and "Can't We Think..." are intimidating acts to follow.)

    Best regards, and take care, Peter