Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"90% of life is just showing up"...Alaska Press Club Honors "Frozen Grin"

The Frozen Grin PR team would like you to know that cartoons from Frozen Grin and this blog itself garnered honors from the Alaska Press Club in its most recent annual competition. My cartoons took first place in the "Best Editorial Cartoon" category. The judge Jimmy Margulies, is a respected cartoonist for the Record in New Jersey. Margulies commented that "... poignant, funny and well drawn cartoons made his work the clear winner. I was particularly impressed that the cartoon with the two polar bears, in one drawing commented on both global warming in a way particularly germane to Alaska, as well as the floating trash island. He takes full advantage of using color to enhance his cartoons’ strong ideas."

"Frozen Grin" was picked as second in the "Best Blog" category. Judge Lena West made her remarks short and sweet "I liked Frozen Grin because the original art work is fabulous and I feel like I really understand this person's point of view. He also posts consistently." Posting consistently was a point she mentioned in all three of her comments on her favorites, adding more proof to Woody Allen's observation that "90% of life is just showing up". Which reminds me, thanks to all who have visited and commented on the blog, it was good of you to show up.


  1. Hey Congrats Peter and thank YOU!
    Your work's been an inspiration from print on paper to pixels on page.

  2. Wow, you can hear me blowing my own horn all the way up in Fairbanks???? Thanks for the kind words Jamie, keep up all your good work,