Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Short flicks, Big screens: Susitna Story, XT& ME at the Anchorage International Film Festival

The Anchorage Film Festival is generously offering multiple screenings of rare work by the reclusive director who goes only by the name Peter Dunlap-Shohl. Here's a rundown, and you can find the entire festival schedule as a pdf here

SUSITNA STORY is scheduled to appear Sunday, Dec. 12at the Museum as part of the "Adventures in Animation" Program, which begins at 5:30

SUSITNA STORY: Friday 12/12, 3p • Mixx Grill, Inlet Towers, 1200 L Street
$5 • Free with All Events Pass • Limited seating!

SUSITNA STORY and XT & ME: As part of the Snowdance Shorts program
12/13 Sat 12:45pm • Bear Tooth
And of course, numerous screenings on my iphone all over. Hoping to see you there!

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