Monday, November 24, 2008

Where's Pete?

I've been called away by a family emergency. Looks like it is stabilizing, and posts to Frozen Grin will return soon. Thanks,



  1. Pete, I've lost your email. Here is a quote you might like:

    2. Pulitzer-winning cartoonist JIM BORGMAN, in accepting the Cincinnati Inquirer's buyout offer this fall, tells us: "Newspapers are burning their heirloom furniture to heat the house when they let go of their cartoonists and columnists. We are the brand, we are what make newspapers more than the Information centers they foolishly aspire to morph into."

    Read the story here:

  2. re: Kathleen & Peter's comment

    This is why I'm here - I need to get your take on this crazy place we call "home."

    Thanks for providing the fix I need.

  3. Much appreciated.

    K and P, and, what the hell, anyone else, my email is