Monday, April 5, 2010

New at the Frozen Grin Big Box: Questioning the Anoymous Questioners

Did you ever wonder who leaves those "Question Authority" tags around? Malcolm 10, noted non-existent graffiti artist did. After a little investigation he confirmed his suspicions that most were, like him, 15-year-olds with a can of spray paint and lots of unsupervised time. Still the sentiment appealed to him, and he decided to take it one step further, raising a question about the anonymous questioners. Questioners who had set themselves up along with everybody else who was telling him what to think and do.

If this is the kind of spirit you admire, you can proudly emblazon it across your chest, layering meaning as you layer clothing for the fickle temperatures of Spring. The Really Question Authority tee is now available at the Frozen Grin Big Box, along with many other frozen tchotchkes at your one-stop-for-all-your-frozen-needs-store!

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