Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Socialism That Dare Not Speak Its Name

The word "socialism" been thrown, or perhaps kicked about quite a bit lately. In the spirit of the times let's see if it will stick to that Yukon icon Don Young.

In defiance of his party leadership, Rep. Young submitted a boatload of Alaska earmarks for the new budget. Here's how he justified it in a story from Alaska Dispatch:
"...the choice to go rogue is simple; Alaskans asked for these projects, he said, and they are important to the state.
'I was elected to represent my people, not to represent the so-called leadership of the House'".

So Don, in seeing to the needs of Alaskans, will redistribute money from those with the ability to pay- U.S. taxpayers. This fits neatly with Marx's uncharacteristically brief and clear summary of his economic vision- "From each, according to his abilities, to each, according to his needs". The People's Republic of Alaska lives!

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