Thursday, October 30, 2008

Film Fest Rebukes Tinsel Town, Picks Second D-S Flick

In a move that industry observers called brave, uncompromising, and perhaps suicidal, the intrepid selection committee at the Anchorage International Film Festival chose "XT and ME" for inclusion in its Snowdance program of Alaska films.

The animated expose, not starring Matt Damon, nor Julia Roberts and without a special appearance by Wallace Shawn in a tour de force performance as the star-crossed little alien, is an unflinching, gut-wrenching look at the seamy underbelly of Hollywood itself.

Piling laurels on the shadowy and reclusive director, who goes only by the name Peter Dunlap-Shohl, the committee also added his animation "Susitna Story" to its Snowdance selections. Susitna story is still slated to screen in the festival's animation division as well.

When reached for comment, the unassuming director plugged the upcoming performance of the band Whiskeyjacks at the downtown Anchorage Pub McGinley's, muttered something about realizing a lifelong dream to appear as a member of a Pogues cover band, and then abruptly hung up. More proof, as if any was needed, that life in Alaska is getting stranger by the hour.


  1. Congratulations! But didn't Ben Affleck have a cameo?