Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gag me! Frozen Grin Caption Contest

One of the funnest things I did at the Daily News was creating and running the reader caption contest "Name that 'Toon" Since one of my objects while passing through this vale of tears is to have fun, I decided there is no reason not to have a caption contest here.

No sooner said, than done.

I'm not inclined to make a lot of rules for this so here are the guidelines:
1. Peter will be Judge, Jury and Lord High Executioner.
2. Of course my friends, dimly remembered acquaintances and relatives will be allowed to participate, who else reads this blog anyway?
3. Total strangers also welcome. A stranger is just a friend you haven't met! (Thank you Matt Groening.)

Deadline: Noon the Thursday following a week after publication of the cartoon. Winner will be announced within a few days.
5. Submit your caption by clicking the comments link under the post. It will help if you start the title of your post with "Caption" so I can easily identify it as part of the caption contest.
6. Kibitzing is welcome, and if well thought out will likely influence the judge. Then again, maybe not. But the judge's decision is the ultimate authority on the question of who won.
7. These guidelines in no way limit the judge from imposing rulings judgments etc. at a later time should his exalted supremeness change his mind about something or should an issue not covered explicitly in these guidelines rear its ugly head.

I'll be happy to send a printed copy of the cartoon with the winning caption to the author provided that they identify themselves with the submission and later provide me a snail mail address. Participants may submit anonymously, but anonymous submissions will not be eligible to receive a printed copy.(Note: Their are no "originals". My drawings are created entirely on the computer, there is no "hard" version on paper.)

All set? Let's try it!


  1. It's like a frisbee, but a with a chewy soft center

  2. Caption Contest

    A PD patient discovers a new look on life after Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery.

    "Enlightenment!!! How Delicious!!"

  3. Caption:

    A PD patient receives Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery:

    "Enlightenment, at last!!!"

    Vicky Lynn
    15348 Floret Way
    Apple Valley, MN 55124