Sunday, October 5, 2008

I know I am, but what am I?

My ex-boss and world renowned Palin Pundit Mike Carey, wrote a handsome obituary for my Daily News career that was published yesterday. I can't resist sharing the first two on-line comments, which illustrate what a cartoonist should expect if they are doing the job remotely right:

Example 1, Validation by appreciation, from a reader who signs herself Sweet Polly:

"This is a truly sad day. Peter is a talented, insightful, hilarious, and 'spot on' cartoonist."

Example 2, Validation through vituperation, from Blue and Gold:

"Good riddance you leftist tool. When is Carey's last day?"

I can only say, sincere thanks to both of you.

(Oh, and "Blue and Gold" why don't you grow a pair, or heck, just grow ONE, and sign your real name?)


1 comment:

  1. Some people lack a sense of humor when elections are just around the corner. I may be a conservative but I can still laugh at the conservative and liberal weaknesses portrayed in a humorous light.

    Conservatives are so conservative, they will not participate in polls because they reserve the "right to a private ballot."

    Love your humor,
    Vicky aka Frozen Butt!