Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Unintelligent Design

This was inspired by a cartoon pamphlet warning that I and practically everyone I know will go to Hell in a fiery hand basket. I decided to come up with some fire and brimstone of my own. Here I present The Apocalypse, as it might have been engineered by the great Rube Goldberg



  1. ok peter, i am now inspired. i have been looking a making these little cartoons. are you using a tablet to make your drawings on? then puting them in using a software like toon boom? i am a friend of your brother steve, by the way.

  2. Hello onei,

    Here's the recipe, 1 Wacom 8x6 intuos tablet, which comes bundled with Corel Paint and Photoshop Elements. I use Elements, because I am somewhat comfortable with the regular Photoshop. Full Photoshop is preferable, but expensive.

    I then import the drawings from Photoshop into flash. (Another reason to go w/Photoshop- it and flash are now adobe products made to work together.

    Flash can be intimidating, but if you already know photoshop, as I bet you do, it will be semi-intuitive. .. and lots of fun! I bought a couple of books that I found helpful. One called "flash 8, the Missing Manual", and the other
    called "Flash Cartoon Animation"

    I do most of the work in flash, then export to quicktime, which I then edit a bit more in imovie, which does transitions and extra sounds nicely.

    Oh, and you need some ideas. But Im guessing you have some already;)

    And hurry up, I'd love to see what you come up with!