Sunday, October 20, 2013

Concert Cancelled, Still Another Unlucky Night at the Brazen Husky

NOTICE OF CONCERT CANCELLATION- An exclusive engagement of Delta Blues master Jellyfish Jones ended abruptly his first night on stage at the Brazen Husky. Jones was known as a guitar wizard with few peers. It was rumored for decades that he went one winter evening to the same lonely crossroads visited by Robert Johnson. There, like Johnson, he met Satan in the dead of night, and sold his soul in exchange for unholy mastery of his instrument. That rumor was spectacularly confirmed when, just a few songs into the second set, the incarnation of evil, Old Nick himself, entered the Spenard club. The Lord of the Underworld announced that he was there to collect, seized the hapless Bluesman and strode past the bouncers with the protesting musician struggling under his arm. All that remained behind was the sharp odor of brimstone and the guitarist's slide, which fell during the brief struggle, slowly rolled to the edge of the stage, and fell to the floor with a metallic ping.

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