Friday, October 18, 2013

Yet ANOTHER Performance Cancelled!

NOTICE OF CONCERT CANCELLATION- Once again the management of the Brazen Husky reports they are forced to cancel a planned performance. The reason: shortly after the local nightclub signed the well-known "Boy Band" Christopher and the Robins for a November engagement, Throbheart Magazine released the result of their damning two-year investigation of the band. According to their report, the Robins are not a boy band at all, their ages range from the early thirties to the mid-forties. "They could have only gotten away with this in the age of Photoshop and studio gimmickry" said Throbheart editor Candy Asche. "It's one more indictment of a literally bankrupt industry" There was no question about going on with the show after the Throbheart bombshell. "Imagine finding out that everyone in your favorite Hair-Metal band was bald" scoffed Asche, "Or not actually metal." Management of the Brazen Husky refused to speak to this reporter, but did sob into the phone for attribution.

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