Friday, October 25, 2013

Word on the Street: Brazen Husky Cancels Max Trapp Performance

Notice of performance cancellation: The management at Spenard nightspot The Brazen Husky is devastated to announce that, true to form, they have been forced once again to cancel a much-anticipated artistic event. This time it is the celebrated spoken-word artist Max Trapp who will not grace the stage of the historic night spot and hardware store. What could keep a known ham like Mr. Trapp off this, or any stage? Blame the Mr. Universe Poetry Slam in Petaluma CA. Trapp was competing in an extemporaneous rhyme-off to break a tie in the fifth round. In a moment of desperation, he rhymed "El Paso" with "Great big hassle". The crowd, as sophisticated a bunch of aesthetes as could be found anywhere, was horrified at this infelicitous monstrosity, this crime against rhyme! They let loose an angry cry, and, as one animal, rushed the stage. Mr. Trapp, once extricated from the mob, was rushed to the nearest hospital. There, when informed of his barbaric yawpery, the staff refused to treat him. Eventually a small clinic in Needles agreed to patch him up, and advised him to lie low and avoid clubs for the indeterminate future.. He is currently in an undisclosed location, and probably will be for quite a while.


  1. Peter, I hope you aren't sending some sort of hidden message in all these canceled performances.