Thursday, October 31, 2013

Quiet Desperation, Another Poster for a Cancelled Perormance at The Brazen Husky

Notification of performance cancellation. Management of The Brazen Husky, a notorious Alaska watering hole and hardware store is pleased to announce that mime troupe "Mime Shaft" will not be appearing, in spite of earlier publicity trumpeting the imminent performance. Husky management "said" in a press release "At first we were deeply impressed by the group's tenacious devotion to the core value of their peculiar art. That value, of course, is to be smugly annoying. Then we thought about it, and it hit us that annoying a bunch of Alaskans, many of whom were likely carrying, and all of them certainly stinking, commode-hugging, drunk, was possibly irresponsible, and more important, potentially costly. We cancelled them faster than you can not say "Jack Robinson." When reached for comment Mime Shaft mastermime Marcel Morceau was cheered by the news. "We consider our act to be a failure if we actually make it through a run. Cancellation is confirmation that we did not let our audience down. And to be cancelled before the show even starts confirms we are on the right path." Back at the Brazen Husky , management said they would offset the anticipated loss of revenue with a sale on rebar, lag screws, and miter boxes. "Everybody wins."

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